Decorative Rocks

Schlegel Barkdust & Landscape Supplies offers more than just bark and mulchSchlegel Barkdust & Landscape Supplies is ready to equip your landscape project with decorative rocks. These eye-catching stones bring a colorful and aesthetic appeal to any landscape. We provide decorative landscape rocks in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Rock coverage creates areas that don’t need to be regularly watered, mowed, or managed. In many cases they are great at preventing the growth of unwanted weeds. That’s why they make for a top-notch landscaping supply for xeriscaping or using very little water in a landscape. Contact our expert team to find the decorative rocks that fit your landscaping project. We’re also happy to deliver straight to your front door in a number of areas in and around West Portland.

A few of the decorative rocks we provide to our customers include:


The common use for basalt is in construction projects on road bases but can also be used in landscaping for wall blocks, paving, and more. Basalt rocks can be a beautiful addition to any landscaping project.

Mossy Rock

Mossy rocks can add a unique look to your landscape. These rocks are great for the protection of plants and animals from predators. They also provide an authentic natural appeal to a landscape.

Red Lava Rock

This decorative rock brings a vibrant red color to landscape projects and works well around trees and driveways. They are extremely durable and keep their color without fading.

Mountain River Rock

River rocks are smalls decorative stones that help prevent the growth of weeds and enhance the look of a landscape. 

Give Schlegel Barkdust & Supply a call today to find out which Products would look best in your landscape. We provide expertise in landscape supplies, excellent customer service, upfront prices, and landscape supply delivery services.