How To Prep Your Garden For Spring

Winter can wreak havoc on your garden, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. Winter storms tend to cover your garden with unwanted debris that can slow down the growth of your plants. With spring quickly approaching, it’s a great time to prepare your garden with these easy tips. Following this advice paired with our quality landscaping supplies, you’ll have the best-looking garden for all to enjoy.

Clean Out Dead Debris

When preparing your garden for spring, it’s always helpful to have a clean canvas to work on. This means clearing out any dead debris that has accumulated in your garden beds and lawn over winter. All this debris can block fertilizers from being properly absorbed into your lawn and garden.  Grab your rake or leaf blower and give your garden a thorough cleaning. You can even add this debris to you compost pile!

Start Adding Fertilizers and Weed Killer

Early spring is the best time to start using a combination of lawn fertilizer and a pre-emergent weed killer. The fertilizer will give your lawn the boost it needs to recover from the harsh Oregon winter weather. The pre-emergent weed killer will help combat crabgrass from taking over when the warmer weather starts. You can also use a broadleaf weed killer to keep those dandelions at bay.  Repeat the same process after about six weeks.

Get A Jump Start on Mowing

Most people in spring tend to only mow their lawn once every two weeks. If you let your lawn get too long and then cut, it can stunt the root system which will cause your lawn to struggle.  We recommend getting a jump start and mowing your lawn every five days during the first six weeks of spring.  This will help your lawn grow thicker and stay healthy.

Pick A High-Quality Mulch or Bark

Once your lawn is prepped, it’s time to focus on your garden beds. Start by edging out your garden beds and trimming back shrubs and other plants.  Once that’s complete, it’s time to pick out mulch or bark.  Mulch or bark is going to be crucial for your garden to thrive in the coming warmer months. It will help retain moisture which will help you save water over summer.  Not to mention having a quality mulch will add to the overall aesthetic of your landscaping.  If you can’t decide which mulch or bark to use, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss the best options and provide recommendations.

Why Choose Schlegel Barkdust?

Schlegel Barkdust has provided high-quality gardening and landscaping supplies for over 20 years. We are proud to be a family-owned business and love helping our customers create their dream yards. If you are thinking of getting some winter compost or mulch for your yard, give us a call or check out our materials calculator to learn exactly how much you need!