Fall Gardening Tips

Although fall in Hillsboro, Oregon means cooler and rainier weather, it does not have to mean the end of the gardening season! Specific plants can grow through the winter and be ready for harvest in the spring. In addition, fall is a great time to give your garden a little TLC, and clean things up from the summer growth. Here are some helpful fall gardening tips!

A beautiful fall (autumn) garden that includes flowers, seedheads, and foliage of perennials, grasses, and woody plants, with lawn; copy space
Fall Garden in bloom.
Choose Your Plants

Knowing which types of plants can survive through the Oregon winters is key to having a successful garden year-round! Crops like kale, arugula, winter cabbage, greens, and broccoli can grow well when planted in cool fall and winter temperatures. Planting garlic and shallots in the fall will allow them to grow all winter and be ready for harvest in the spring.

Add Compost or Mulch to Your Garden

The fall and winter rains will saturate your soil, so be sure you have a good drainage system in place for your garden. We recommend building a raised garden bed! In addition, adding a layer of mulch or compost can help your winter plants stay warm and not freeze over during cold temperatures. Check out our blog post if you are unsure about the best time to mulch your garden or other plants!

Clean Garden Beds

For the summer crops that are all harvested, fall is the perfect time to clean the garden beds and add the leftover debris to the compost pile!

Schlegel Barkdust has provided high-quality gardening and landscaping supplies for over 20 years. We are proud to be a family-owned business and love helping our customers create their dream yards. If you are thinking of getting some winter compost or mulch for your yard, give us a call or check out our materials calculator to learn exactly how much you need!