How Do You Choose the Top Layer of your Landscape?

If you are having trouble deciding between using mulch, bark, or compost, you should know that they effectively do the same things. The biggest difference is their appearance. Mulch is a more generic term, used to describe the layer of organic material applied to the surface of soil. One would say that bark is a type of mulch. 

The reasons for using mulch vary case by case. Some may use it purely for aesthetic purposes, to make an area of their yard more visually appealing. Others may use it to improve the health and fertility of the soil underneath it. Mulch can retail moisture in soil, prevent weeds from growing, and make an area look more attractive by adding complimenting colors and textures.

Benefits of Mulch/Bark or Compost
  • Prevention of erosion: Mulch is a great technique to prevent erosion. Erosion is when a landscape wears down due to rock and soil being loosened. Preventing erosion protects plants and allows them to thrive for longer periods.
  • Aesthetics: Mulch brings an aesthetic appeal to any area. Mulch can also keep your landscape tidy, as there is no need to dump mulch in unwanted areas leaving potential bark stains.
  • Water-saving: By using mulch in your landscape, you can conserve water which will save you money. Water bills can become expensive, especially when you’re watering your entire landscape. Mulch adds an extra layer that retains water. Plants will maintain the water they need better with mulch.
  • Tree and plant health: Mulching can give your trees and plants the protection they need to continue to survive, as it prevents them from obtaining diseases. Mulch also prevents weeds from creeping into your landscaping, stopping them from harming trees and plants. Using a barrier underneath mulch will help even more in preventing weed growth.
  • Compost: Encourages a healthier root system, reduces runoff, and is typically high in nutrient content, which is healthy for your plants or trees.
Some More Differences

Bark mulch and more chunky sized wood chips tend to come more from nature, specifically trimmed trees as an example. Some shredded mulches may contain other materials. Mulch comes in many sizes and colors, depending on the various factors. We carry a variety in both size and color, and can answer any questions you may have.