Why Mulch?

 What is mulch? Mulch is a term for a variety of organic landscape supplies that cover your yard such as bark and compost. Landscapers use mulch to cover the tops of landscapes and flower beds for visual appeal as well as provide a variety of other benefits for landscapes. Some of the benefits of mulch include:

  • Weed prevention: Mulch prevents weeds from creeping into your landscape
  • Enhances the beauty of a landscape: Mulch gives a landscape a clean-cut look that comes in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors depending on what mulch you choose.
  • Moisture Retention: Mulching allows plants to better retain their moisture and therefore, grow stronger.
There are many different types of mulch to choose from including:

Hemlock Barkdust: A thin textured barkdust that embodies a reddish-black tint. The hemlock barkdust gives off fewer splinters than some bark.

Playground Wood Chips: This mulch is mainly used in children’s playgrounds because they are safe to play on.

Cedar Chips: Cedar chips are primarily used in gardens and come in a variety of colors.

Pebble Bark: This type of mulch is an orange brown color and fits well in most landscapes to give them a fresh look.

It is important that your landscapes mulch be annually maintained. Be sure to fluff the mulch before additional mulch. If you have any questions about mulch or are looking for mulch delivery services, be sure to contact Schlegel Barkdust & Landscape Supplies! We are always prepared to provide expertise in landscaping supplies.