Bark Blowing

The first thing we want to say is that we are not a company who does bark blowing. Bark blowing is an easy way for homeowners and commercial managers to easily have bark laid as a yard cover, and not have to worry about it, but it also is the least cost effective for a number of reasons.

There are times bark blowing is a great option, especially along sloped areas, which are not easy to get to by the average person. For example: a hilly slope on a property, where it may be dangerous for someone to attempt to lay bark, but it is what’s wanted.

Things to Ask When Considering Bark Blowing

When thinking about using bark blowing as an option for the easy-to-get areas, you will want to be very specific in how much bark should be used and how thick the layer should be. You can use our Materials Calculator to see how much you may need. Depending on the type of bark you choose, the thickness can be anywhere from two to four inches – a pretty sizable difference. Depending on this, you will want to make sure you get the proper thickness you asked for. If you asked for three inches of bark (or mulch) you will want to check to make sure you received it evenly over the entire area. This is the number one complaint we hear about bark blowing – not getting the full amount of what was ordered and paid for.

The benefits of bark blowing are easily understood. It’s simple, it doesn’t take any work, it may save time, and it may be needed in areas you cannot access easily. You will want to weigh this out in determining the additional cost compared to having bark or mulch delivered (or you can pick it up), and spreading it yourself.

If you have questions about bark blowing feel free to ask us, as it may very well be the ideal way to add the ground covering to your property.