Tips for Laying Decorative Rock

The landscaping of your home is the first visual representation of you that your visitors see. Not only does the landscaping increase the value of your home but tending to your landscape also has awesome health benefits for you as well. Are you looking for a new stand out feature for your yard? Decorative rocks come in many shapes and sizes, allowing you to not only show off your personality, but also give your home a unique exterior.
Like many DIY projects, you will need to prep your yard and especially your lawn. Here are tips to ensure your yard is ready for the new installation.

Select Your Rocks

There are many decorative rocks that are available for landscaping from smaller Red Lava Rock to larger Basalt. Rocks like Mountain River Rocks are perfect to use as decorative pieces that will help prevent the growth of weeds and enhance the look of the landscape.

Smaller rocks, like pea gravel, work well in areas without plants. These rocks would also work well in areas like patios and pathways. Larger, more decorative rocks can be used in areas with or without plants.

Light-colored rocks reflect heat and the darker rocks absorb heat and can in turn bake the roots of nearby plants.

Remove All Grass and Weeds

Before any installations can take place, you will need to ensure all weeds, grass, and plants have been removed. If this step is skipped or not completed, you will constantly have new weeds popping up between the rocks. This will quickly become an irritant, especially if you want to plant flowers or trees near the rocks.

There are two options when removing the grass. You will need to dig out all grass areas so that you are left with only dirt. You may decide to dig the soil around three inches down so the rocks will be level with the surrounding area, be it a paved space or other landscape. The second option is, you can spray the dirt with an herbicide so grass and weeds will not return. Make sure you use a method that will remove grass and weeds permanently, so be careful.

Lining/ Underlayment

The next step is to place the lining over the soil. This will protect your installation space from any grass or weeds that attempt to grow. There is a landscaping fabric you can purchase called geotextiles which will help with the prevention of weed and grass growth. This underlay will not only help the rocks from sliding in a downpour but, will also prevent them from sinking into the ground.

Another option is to install rubber edging or another material so the rocks can stay in place instead of sliding in a downpour.

Whether you are installing decorative rocks, or there is another landscaping project you have been waiting to work on, Schlegel Barkdust & Landscaping Supplies will be here to help. We understand it can be difficult to pick up your landscaping supplies, but we provide professional delivery services.

Our team delivers in multiple areas near Portland, Oregon. Depending on the location of the delivery we can provide same-day service. We look forward to bringing you your landscaping supplies such as bark, rock, soil, and sand.