How Much Mulch do I Need for my Yard?

While a fresh layer of mulch can give your yard a clean, beautiful look, it’s hard to know how to buy the right amount. Too much mulch will suffocate your plants, and too little mulch and could cause erosion and let more of those pesky weeds grow.

So how do you find the perfect amount of mulch for your yard? The answer depends on which style of mulch you would like and the size of your yard. Finer, organic mulch will provide a dense, but shallow covering, but coarser, bark chip style mulch will give plants more air, but need more depth. If you are curious about which style of mulch is right for your yard, you can read our article about different types of mulch we offer.

To find the correct amount of mulch for your yard, you will first want to find the area of your yard in square feet. Measure the length and width, and then multiply them to get the area. Do this for each part of the yard you would like to cover. Next, you will need to decide how deep you want your mulch. Typically, 2-3 inches of mulch is recommended for flower beds and plants, but if the mulch has a larger texture, 4 inches is recommended.

 Now, multiply your yard’s area by desired depth. Since Mulch is sold by the cubic yard, you will need to convert this number. One cubic yard of mulch and will cover 324 square feet at 1 inch deep. Finally, divide your previously determined number (area x desired depth), by 324 to find the perfect number of cubic yards you should buy to make your yard look beautiful.