Low-Maintenance Landscaping
Ideas for your yard

Looking at your yard, it’s sometimes overwhelming to think about all the upkeep. All those hours pulling weeds, watering plants, and mowing the lawn mean less time you spend enjoying your yard! Here are some tips and ideas for low-maintenance landscaping which will look great and requires minimal upkeep.

Use Ground Coverage

Barkdust and mulch both are a great way to quickly cover a large area in your yard, and give it a clean, put-together look. Even if you have very few plants and flowers, they will pop more when they are surrounded by a fresh layer of barkdust or mulch. Also, mulch specifically prevents weed growth, so you won’t have to spend all your time pulling or spraying those pesky plants. Once you know how much you need, it’s easy to spread yourself and not have to worry about it. Make sure you use our calculator to find out how much barkdust or mulch you need for your yard!  It’s recommended you get new mulch or barkdust every two to four years, so it’s a very low-maintenance landscape option. Also, the possibilities are endless with many different colors and textures of barkdust and mulch. Be sure to check out our blog post about the benefits of each, and which one is right for your yard. 

Add a Rock Garden

Rock gardens are a modern, unique way to make your yard stand out. They are also very low-maintenance and will look great all year round. While you will have most of the cost up-front, rock gardens are mostly a one-time purchase, and will last a long time through all types of weather conditions. In addition, most plants used in rock gardens are also low-maintenance plants which require minimal watering, so you will also have less to worry about. Using large rocks mixed with plants makes your yard pop with different textures and colors and can provide that minimalist look which is popular today. We offer a variety of decorative rocks in various sizes. You can look at our rock options here.

Create More Paths

The more lawn in your yard, the more time you spend mowing it. Gravel paths are also a one-time, low-maintenance option for your yard that are a great way to reduce lawn space, but still look great. Gravel doesn’t need to be replaced every year, so once you lay it, you won’t have to worry about it for a while. Again, you have many color and texture options, like pea gravel or crushed stone, and it’s a great way to add a unique look. Unsure of which gravel option to choose? Read our post on how to decide!

If you have any questions about which gravel to use for your project, contact Schlegel Barkdust and Landscape Supplies to get some answers! Our professional employees are the experts in all things landscape supplies including crushed rock. Give us a call today for all your landscaping supply needs!