Benefits of Mulch

Why Mulch?

What is mulch and why is it important for your landscape? Schlegel Barkdust & Landscape Supplies is here with some answers to your questions.

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What is Bark Blowing

To Bark Blow or Not To Bark Blow

Improve the look of your landscape with bark blowing. Bark blowing allows you to evenly distribute mulch to specific areas of a landscape. Schlegel Barkdust & Landscape Supplies is here to provide you with more knowledge on the importance of barkdust blowing.

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Pea Gravel vs Crushed Stone

Pea Gravel & Crushed Stone

Gravel can be confusing. How do you decide on the right gravel for your landscape and what are the different types of gravel? Schlegel Barkdust & Landscape Supplies has some answers for you!

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